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Sweet Italian Sausage (frozen)

Sweet Italian Sausage (frozen)

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"An extra flavourful kick in the buns.”

The Quick Facts on Our Sweet Italian Sausage

  • 36 pieces per package
  • Housemade, hand-twisted sausage
  • Fresh ground pork shoulder
  • Ships frozen

What makes our sweet Italian sausage sweet? The Butcher Shoppe uses a proprietary blend of anise, fennel, and seasoning that we add to these housemade, hand-twisted, ground pork classics to give our sweet Italian sausage a delicious flavour. Sold frozen in packages of four, our sweet Italian sausages are versatile—good on their own as a snack, or for use in a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. If you're looking for sweet Italian sausage in the Toronto area, order online today for pick up or delivery from The Butcher Shoppe!


  • Fresh ground pork shoulder
  • Natural hog casing
  • Signature blend of spices
  • Ingredients: pork, water, spice (salt, sugar, spice, garlic powder), binder (wheat flour, corn starch, potato starch).

Goes Great With...

Enjoy your sweet Italian sausage in a frittata, chopped up in a pasta dish, or the old-fashioned way: between two buns.

Our Preferred Preparation for Sweet Italian Sausage

We recommend that you thaw your sausages in advance and then cook them on the grill. So good!

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