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Sliced Bacon (frozen)

Sliced Bacon (frozen)

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“You've never had bacon like this.”

The Quick Facts on Our Thick-Cut Bacon

  • 5 individual 1 lb packs
  • Thick-sliced bacon
  • Ships frozen

Our thick-sliced bacon is cut fresh from super high-quality, locally sourced pork belly, then salt-cured in-house for one week before being hickory smoked for a flavour that is… well… it’s something else! Each bite of our thick-cut bacon has an excellent balance of salt and smoke factor, making this bacon great as a standalone breakfast snack or accompaniment to your favourite sandwich, pasta, or even salad. 

Goes Great With...

Honestly, we like to eat this thick-sliced bacon all by itself (one of our many guilty pleasures). In talking with some of the local restaurants we supply, thick sliced bacon makes a fantastic breakfast side or addition to scrambles, lunch sandwiches, Cobb salads, and of course… BURGERS!

Our Preferred Preparation for Thick-Sliced Bacon

Grill it, pan fry it, or bake it—either way, you’ll unlock the terrific flavour that our thick-cut bacon is known for. Keep it simple!

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