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Pork Back Ribs (frozen)

Pork Back Ribs (frozen)

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The Quick Facts on Our Pork Back Ribs

  • Frozen pork back ribs
  • From Ontario-raised hogs
  • 2 pcs. Approx. 26oz each

Goes Great With...

Enjoy your pork back ribs with really good barbecue sauce and lots of it. Period. Just sauce your ribs up and enjoy!

Our Preferred Preparation for Fresh Pork Back Ribs 

Pork back ribs are pretty versatile. A lot of our regular customers love to cook these pork ribs for a long time (like a really, really long time) in their oven or favourite smoker for that fall-off-the bone experience. Still, you can cook some really tasty ribs on the grill in just a few minutes or so.

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