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Hot Italian Sausage (frozen)

Hot Italian Sausage (frozen)

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"A famed New York classic with deep Italian roots.”

The Quick Facts on Our Hot Italian Sausage

  • 36 pieces per package
  • Housemade, hand twisted sausage
  • High-quality ground pork
  • Ships frozen

Talk about a sausage with history, it doesn’t get much better than the classic hot Italian sausage. Made from high-quality ground pork and our own proprietary blend of seasoning, spices, and “that special something,” our house made, hand-twisted hot Italian sausages come four to a pack, frozen at their freshest and ready for your grill!


  • Fresh ground pork shoulder
  • Natural hog casings
  • Signature blend of spices
  • Ingredients: pork, water, spice (salt, sugar, spices and spice extract, garlic powder), paprika, binder (wheat flour, modified corn starch, potato starch), cayenne pepper.

Goes Great With...

Peppers for the party favorite sausage and peppers. Of course, you can always throw our hot Italian sausage between a bun—the flavor stands on its own!

Our Preferred Preparation for Hot Italian Sausages

We recommend that you thaw your sausages in advance and then cook them on the grill. Preheat the grill to medium-low, add your hot Italian sausage, and cook covered until the sausage is browned. So good!

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