Waterloo Wolves U12 AA/A

Waterloo Wolves U12 AA/A

Welcome to the U12 team fundraiser. This year we will be running the Butcher Shoppe Fundraiser.
This will allow our team to raise money for tournaments and training over the 2024 season.

June 28th - August 1st 2024

Cutoff time is August 1st at 4pm est.

Collection: Waterloo Wolves U12 AA/A


When will I get my order

At check out you will select a delivery date – delivery dates are generally provided at the end of a team’s fundraiser.

Do I need to be home to receive my order? 

Yes, since our products are delivered fresh (and some frozen), we require you to be home for the delivery. If you're not home, our drivers will try to re-deliver at the end of the day, or we'll reach out to reschedule your order for the next day instead.

How do I learn more about your fundraising program? 

Visit our FAQ page in the footer or send us a question, also found in the footer.