Leaside Leafs 10UAA Team

Leaside Leafs 10UAA Team

The Leaside Leafs belong to the Leaside Baseball Association, which aims to foster skill development and passion for baseball among players in Leaside and neighbouring areas. Through a range of quality instruction and programs, the Leaside seeks to provide opportunities for growth for our young players. The 10UAA team expresses gratitude for your generous support of our fundraising endeavors.

May 11th - May 31st 2024

Cutoff time is May 31st at 4pm est.

Collection: Leaside Leafs 10UAA Team


When will I get my order

At check out you will select a delivery date – delivery dates are generally provided at the end of a team’s fundraiser.

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How do I learn more about your fundraising program? 

Visit our FAQ page in the footer or send us a question, also found in the footer.